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Free FTP Space Reviews

Selection of reviews and testimonials that have been submitted by our members that have free cpanel web hosting provided by Free FTP Space. If you like our free web hosting service please leave a review for others to read.

Great Hoster

If you`re finding for a safe, stable and great host. http://freeftpspace.org is the best free host for you.

From: Lexon99

So good

This is a good free hosting. Cpanel, 5 addon domain, 5 sub domain,... All are very sweet and suitable with all demand about a hosting for small site, wapsite, personal site.

From: Wikiviet

Awesome Service!

Free FTP Space (dot) org is the best free web hosting on the net. I would sign up only with the best so there you have it. There are rules, but without law there is no order and things are nice and orderly here just like I like it.

From: kaster

Great service

This has got to be the best free web hosting with cpanel that I have come across. Beats some of the paid hosting services out there. Friendly, helpful staff too.

Highly recommended.

From: netprofit


I have used quite a few free hosting sites, this one is by far the best. The CPanel is great, with tons of features. The server is fast, and the uploading of my files using FTP is super quick, trying to install Joomla etc on some other free sites takes a lifetime! Friendly, helpful staff. Nice forum. What more could you ask for?

From: Dale

Great Free Hosting. Great Support. Great CPanel.

If you look for freehosting that reliable, stable, great support and CPanel with softaculous then you should come here.

From: vongoladecimo

Amazing Hosting!

I myself a member of FreeFTPSpace
was given a free hosting account with a nice feature
to start off,

the support is great so far, but I
do recommend having staff activity at times,
because it may take sometime for your support
to arrive,

what I like is how the host is fast and reliable,
that I can easily manage my community with
speed and ease.

Thank you for this generous hosting!

From: onlivegaming

Excellent hosting!

I have been using Free FTP Space for a few weeks now, and I am satisfied with the hosting.
The cPanel runs quite well. I was able to set up 2 sites so far (a forum and project site for my forum script.)
Free FTP Space runs like the old Stonerocket did, fast and problem-free.

Thank you DJB, Hellsing, and the whole SR/FFS team for the excellent hosting. ;)

From: colinmurff

Fantastic Free hosting

I have had my free web hosting account now for almost 2 weeks and have 3 of my website hosted on there.

It`s really fast and cpanel is so easy to use, much better than my last host which has vista panel.

I hope free ftp space stay around because the quality of hosting is fantastic, well worth just 5 posts a month.

From: Ellwood jnr

An Excellent Hosting for free

I am a member of freeftpspace. I like the hosting package of ftpspace. The Service for the member is super.

I had a issue while installing of Wordpress in the server but after creating a request the issue is fixed within 12 hours. I like the service of the freeftpspace.

I already had a account in premium server, but the issue used to take more than a week but though its free the service is Excellent. And the package the provide is awesome.

Thanks to FreeFtpSpace

From: anthonythangaraj



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