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Domains & DNS
What are our nameservers?
Do you provide a domain?
How can I get a domain?
What Are Nameservers?
What is the best to use, a free sub-domain with FFS or my own domain?
How to login into cPanel?
How do I use cPanel?
How to upload with cPanel`s file manager?
Do you have a manual for our control panel?
I didn't upload yet - What are these files and folders in my account?
What are the cPanel ports?
What are your terms of service?
Check Server Download Speeds
What is .htaccess and how do I learn it?
Post 2 Host - Hosting Requirements
How to apply? Request Free Hosting Template
Can I check the server uptime?
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How to set up your email client for use with your email addresses in cPanel?
What is E-mail Forwarding and how can i use it?
How can I read my email online?
What is my SMTP server? What is my POP3 server?
What is an MX Record?
How to create a new email account?
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PHP & Mysql Databases
How do I Connect to MySQL with PHP?
How do I create a new database?

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Web Hosting Support
If you need support for your web hosting account please visit our support forum. http://freeftpspace.org/forum/forumdisplay.php?fid=8  

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